Friday, July 17, 2009

Energetically Drained

Do you ever feel completely energized and completely drained all at the same time? That's what the past week has done for me. I've been absent from the blog but present in the following:
  • Entered into 25 hours of roundtable discussion with 40 disciple-makers, mentors, and coaches about the future of spiritual transformation and discipleship.
  • Hung out with one of my best friends and awesome zone leaders, Leslie.
  • Ate a pulled pork stuffed potato at Corky's.
  • Ate some Christie Cookies at the Opryland Hotel.
  • Taught my 20-month old niece the fist bump.
  • Completed audio and video recordings to accompany my upcoming study, Sacred Roads.
  • On a related note, got a copy of the almost final draft for my upcoming study, Sacred Roads!
  • Bought my first pair of Pumas. (that's not very important, but I thought I would throw it in)
The conversations on discipleship were enough to leave me energetically drained, and I hope to capture some more of those thoughts later. In the meantime, I'm getting ready for Leadership 101 and Baptism by the Bay!


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