Thursday, June 10, 2010

Operation Kaboom- The New Teams

Okay, back to my Operation Kaboom's been a few weeks. So we blew up our small groups at National Community Church. After a process of re-thinking, re-imagining, and re-orienting vision, we decided to split NCC small group efforts, roles, and responsibilities into three teams:

Connections is the logistical drive of the NCC small groups ministry-- ensuring that we have a healthy diet of group offerings each semester, that leaders are recruited, that groups are promoted, and that people join. Each location has a small group coordinator that serves as the "face with the place" for small groups at NCC and they are the primary champion for group life.

Coaching is focused on the heart and spiritual growth of the leader. Each leader has the option to be assigned to a "growth coach" who ensures that the leader is growing in their relationship with Christ, growing in their leadership gifts, and growing towards their goals.

Training is focused on the skill development of the leaders. The training team is responsible for developing training tools and resources that help leaders with both the hard and soft skills of group leadership.

I'll break each of these down in subsequent posts.


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