Friday, July 30, 2010

Fierce Devotion

This is Part 7 of of the (re)Vision talk on leadership principles from the Life of Mary.

Fast forward to end of Jesus’ earthly life. Jesus was betrayed, falsely accused, beaten, stripped, and hung on a cross. In John 19:25 we read about the most gruesome scene a person could imagine, and yet we find, “standing near the cross was Jesus’ mother…”.

When so many of the men in Jesus’ life fled in fear, the women stood strong. These were the original steel magnolias. Jesus was hanging between heaven and earth, and Mary’s courage was once again expressed through her fierce devotion to her son. The scene before her was public, horrifying, and confusing. Had she misunderstood the angelic promise? Did she endure a lifetime of whispered judgments and pointed fingers for nothing? What had gone wrong? All hope was lost. But Mary stood at the cross devoted to Christ.

Women have the capacity for fierce devotion, and in this we reflect the image and glory of Christ. But sometimes our devotion becomes a source of frustration. We often feel like we pour ourselves out to others-- friends, children, husbands, etc-- and hope that somewhere and somehow someone will fill our emotional tanks in return. When that doesn't happen, we attempt to drain something out of others that only God can give.

It was at the cross that Mary found her reward for her devotion. Jesus told his disciple John to take care of his mother. As Jesus hung on the cross, in excruciating pain, in a moment where he could have cared about nothing except his own situation, he looked down in concern for his mother.

Women of influence fiercely devote themselves to their Savior, and in doing so, they find that he meets every need.


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