Thursday, April 27, 2006

Buzz About Groups

Next week, National Community Church is hosting the Buzz Conference. I wrote an article for the Buzz Factor Newsletter on small groups that buzz. An excerpt is posted below.

The Buzz About Groups

Heather Zempel

“Compel them to come in.” That’s what Jesus told his disciples to do in Luke 14:23, and that’s what discipleship is all about—compelling people to enter into community and grow closer to Christ. But when it comes to encouraging people to jump into the environments we have created for that process—small groups—it seems less like compelling and more like pleading, begging, prodding, and groveling.

I have a strong conviction: God created us for community. I absolutely believe that the adventure of following Christ was designed for people to do together. But I am also forced to face the harsh reality that most people don’t naturally jump into church small groups. If we truly believe that people are hard-wired for community, then why do we have to talk until we are blue in the face to convince them that they need to plug into one of our wonderful church small groups?

How do we make our small groups buzz so that people are drawn into them?

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