Friday, April 14, 2006

Inklings Reloaded

We are gearing up for our summer semester of small groups, and I am doing a series to highlight some of our groups. We implement a Free Market small group model which gives us lots of latitude for creativity. All of our groups are focused on discipleship. But the group wineskins take on many shapes and forms.

One of my favorite groups for the next semester is Inklings Reloaded. Last semester, Aaron and Heather led a group on the Chronicles of Narnia called "Beyond the Lampost."

This semester, they will be studying Mere Christianity.

Back in the day, Lewis’ and Tolkien’s discussion group in Oxford, England was called "The Inklings." As Aaron and Heather continue to lead their peeps through the work of Lewis, they are honoring him by renewing and reinventing The Inklings group.

The Inklings will be Reloading every Thursday Night on the 3rd Floor of Ebenezers Coffeehouse.

This group really demonstrates the effectiveness of free markets. Last semester, Aaron and Heather gathered a group of people who were interested in the Narnia books. A group like that is appealing even to folks who don't yet know Christ. Now that community has been established and is growing, Heather and Aaron are taking them one step deeper by studying Mere Christianity.


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