Monday, September 18, 2006

FAQ: Does "Seeker, Learner, Influencer, Investor" represent a linear growth process?

No. Our discipleship framework of "Seeker, Learner, Influencer, and Investor" does not represent a linear growth process. We should strive to grow in all 4 of these areas all the time. It is a life-long process of discovery and growth.

Each dimension flows naturally into every other dimension and back again. For example, as we learn more about God, it sets off a chain reaction that causes us to want to worship him more as a seeker, share him more as an influencer, and get involved in ministry as an investor. Another example-- we may give to missions as an investor, and that can set off a chain reaction to pray for unreached people more as a seeker, go on a missions trip as an influencer, study the Bible in order to teach cross-culturally as a learner.


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