Wednesday, September 13, 2006

FAQ: I've seen the slogan, "Be One, Make One, For One." What does that mean?

Be One, Make One, For One is our discipleship strategy.

“Be One” means to be a disciple. We believe that the first and most critical skill in leadership is the ability to lead yourself well. This is the modeling aspect of discipleship.

“Make One” means to make a disciple. Each semester, our leaders have one goal: to help each person in their group take one step closer to Christ over the course of the semester. It also means they will seek to multiply themselves by identifying 1-2 people who they will uniquely disciple and train as potential leaders.

“For One” means for Christ and his glory. This speaks to the attitude and motivation of the leader. There is only one valid reason for doing ministry. It’s not because we are gifted. It’s not because we have a passionate vision. It’s not because we feel called. It’s not because we see a need that must be filled. The only valid, sustainable motivation for leadership is a love for Jesus and a desire to see His name glorified. We lead because we love Jesus.

Be One- follow Christ and be his disciple. Make One- take others on the journey with you. For One- do it all for Christ and his glory.

Three objectives for leaders: Lead yourself well, disciple another peson, and keep your motives and attitude in check.

You can read the entire vision statement here.


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