Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Last Year in Jerusalem

It was one year ago today that I began a journey that I will continue to walk out the rest of my life. I joined a team of 6 other clergy on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Even though I've had an entire year to reflect on that experience, I'm still not sure I have all the right words to wrap around it.

The land is a place of turmoil. We have seen that all too clearly in recent weeks. But it also became a place of turmoil for me personally as I wrestled with my theology, my political leanings, and my God.

I just spent a few moments reviewing our trip itinerary and re-living some of the experiences, conversations, and relationships that have influenced me for good-- in both the positive and permanent meanings of that word.

Thank you to Brian, John, and Michael of Meriwether Productions for pointing us to the path. Thank you to JoAnne, Michael, Ruth, Ashley, SaulPaul, and Charlie for walking the path with me. Thank you to fellow pilgrims like David and Catharine, Kevin, Gabby, and Krisha for including us in the larger band of travelers and wanderers. And thank you to Stephen Need, Lois, Genia, and all the others at St. George's College in Jerusalem for you hospitality and leadership.

Go to the Holy Land. Take those you disciple to the Holy Land. Particularly if they are teenagers and young adults.

For more information, see the following posts:

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I want to get back there soon. As the Jewish people proclaim after the annual Passover Sedar, I say hopefully, "Next year in Jerusalem!"


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