Friday, September 01, 2006

Creative Discipleship

Within our "free market" small group system, our leaders have the freedom to create discipleship experiences out of their gifts, passions, and interests. Here is a sampling of the type of groups that can emerge:

Damascus to Rome- a Bible study of Paul's journeys and letters

Rescued by Christ- Spiritual warfare

Generations- Bridging the generations through outreach to the elderly

Sessions- Songwriting

Chinese Conversation Club- Chinese food and conversation

Under His Wings- Using the story of Moses to build community amongst adoptees

Men of Valor- Men's group studying the lives of the giants of faith

The Vine Inspirations- Women's group studying and blogging their way through the book of Romans.

I've posted about these before: Sola Scriptura, In His (Tennis) Courts, Inklings Reloaded, Galatians and the Washington Monuments


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