Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Is the Discipleship Map implemented and followed by groups or individuals?

Yes. Our approach is both/and. We want to ignite people’s passion for God and then get out of their way.

Here are some of the different ways that the discipleship map is used:

An individual can use the map to chart their own course for discipleship, moving freely each semester between the islands as they desire.

Some Alpha groups explore the map together after leaving Alpha. For instance, in Spring 2006, a group of Alphans came together to Journey. Then they went to The Story in May Term. Then, they jumped into Spiritual Experiments in Summer 2006.

A group leader can take their group through the map in a couple of ways. They can physically take their group to attend one of the map courses, retreats, or groups. For example, one leader brought their group to The Story during May Term. We encourage leaders to bring their entire groups to Inward Bound and Upward Bound. Leaders can also implement the map by running some of the map groups themselves. For example, Journey and Spiritual Experiments curricula are available for any leader to teach at anytime. One group invited an approved Crown leader to lead Crown Financial for their group during the Fall 2006 semester.

We encourage our leaders to use the map as a framework for their group throughout the year by focusing their group on a different dimension of discipleship each semester. In other words, one semester, they may help their group become learners by doing an inductive Bible study together. The next semester, they may help their group become influencers by focusing on a topical study of community, discipleship, or evangelism. The leader’s ultimate goal is to help the members of their group grow in each of these four dimensions over the course of the year.

We will continue to explore ways to facilitate the exploration of the map by both individuals and groups.


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