Wednesday, September 20, 2006

FAQ: What is May Term?

Operating on the semester system, we take 3 primary breaks every year: May, August, and December-January. No groups meet at all in August and December-January. In May, we run May Term.

May Term runs, appropriately enough, throughout the month of May. During that month, we run short, quick-hit "small" groups (that aren't always small). Topics we've covered in the past include The Story (3- week high speed thrill ride through the entire Bible) and Contagious Christianity. May Term serves a number of unique purposes:
  • Our small group leaders have an opportunity to attend a group themselves.
  • For our long-time continuously running groups that refuse to take breaks, May Term groups offers them an opportunity to stay together while giving the leader a break from leadership responsibilities (in other words, they can attend a May Term offering as a group)
  • May Term groups give folks an opportunity to "test drive" a group for a few weeks before committing to a longer-term group.
  • May Term groups tend to be larger, so it provides a mid-level step between Sunday morning and traditional small group.


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