Thursday, December 07, 2006

Planning Retreat

I was in Baltimore with some of our pastoral and admin staff earlier this week for the annual planning retreat. We put together a calendar and sermon schedule for the year. It's also a time to take a big step back and evaluate who we are and what we are doing as a church. I feel really good about 2006, and I'm looking forward to charging into 2007.

We've got a plan for our annual leadership retreat, summits, leadership training, and We're going to be re-engineering Leadership 101 and re-writing our small groups playbook (so I've put that part of the FAQ series on hold until the new program and draft are finalized).

We will also be unveiling a new small group magazine. Two years ago we had the Small Groups Illustrated that had the feel and look of Sports Illustrated. Last year, we had the National Community Geographic that looked eerily similar to National Geographic. In 2007, we will be introducing the NCC Discipleship Atlas. If we like it, we will probably stick with it for a couple of years.


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