Thursday, April 15, 2010

Training Module 1: Leading Yourself Well

Leading Yourself Well from National Community Church on Vimeo.

This is Module #1 of NCC's Semester One Coaching Program. Watch the video (~12 minutes) and answer the following questions. Email your answers to your coach and schedule a coaching appointment with them to process your reflections. This module should take 25-30 minutes to complete.

  1. Who are you following? Who are the people directly and indirectly influencing your life?
  2. When you consider the four dimensions of discipleship-- seeking, learning, influencing, and investing-- which one are you growing most in right now? The least?
  3. What goals will you pursue in the next three months in each of the dimensions of discipleship: 1) Seeking, 2) Learning, 3) Influencing, and 4) Investing
  4. What was your primary motivation for leading when you started? What is your motivation for leading now?
  5. List three areas in which you would like to develop as a leader.


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