Monday, June 14, 2010

Operation Kaboom- Connections

We blew up the small group structure at NCC, and when the dust settled, we discovered we had formed three teams-- Connections, Coaching, and Training.

The Connections Team oversees the logistical operations part of small group ministry. Will Johnston leads the charge on connections from a staffing perspective, and he is responsible for recruiting leaders, ensuring that each campus maintains a healthy diet of group offerings, and that groups are adequately promoted across locations.

Each campus has a Small Group Coordinator, which serves as the "face with the place" for small group ministries. They serve as the recruiting arm of the discipleship ministry and serve as the liaison between NCCers and groups and between group leaders and campus pastors. They are uniquely gifted leaders who possess strong people skills and the ability to offer strategic and management leadership for the implementation of systems and processes.

Responsibilities and expectations include the following:
  • Represent groups at Campus Connection Points and Connections Cafes.
  • Maintain a high level of knowledge about opportunities at assigned location and work with hospitality team to make accurate recommendations for people.
  • Call each leader at the beginning of the semester to thank them for their leadership.
  • Serve as “face with the place” for groups at assigned location.
  • Work directly with Campus Pastor to advance group life values and goals and location.
  • Provide oversight of the leadership recruitment process.
  • Meet with potential leaders to assess their interest in and readiness for leadership.
  • Providing direction to potential leaders regarding the NCC leadership process (Leadership 101, application, Covenant).
  • Meet with existing leaders as appropriate for guidance, support, and encouragement.
  • Deliver pertinent information regarding upcoming events and deadlines to leaders via email, phone calls and/or face to face interaction.
  • Ensure the availability of easy-entry groups at NCC locations (meal groups, ongoing community-based groups, interest groups)
  • Work with Team D Administrative staff to maintain a list of active, inactive, and potential leadership at assigned location.
  • Meet with Connections Pastor as necessary and with Discipleship Pastor once a semester.


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