Saturday, August 07, 2010

Thoughts From Esther

I'll be finishing out our Legends series this weekend with a message from the book of Esther. Here are just a few quick and dirty thoughts before I go into final prep mode:
  • I discover new moments of comedy, tragedy, and timeless truth every single time I read the book.
  • That bit about Haman constructing his own humiliation and parading Mordecai around the city is hysterical.
  • If I had been Esther, I don't think I could have waited two whole meals. I think I would have blurted out, "That dork is trying to kills us!!" before the first round of chips and salsa had been taken from the table. I guess that's at least one reason why I'm not the one God elects to save nations from destruction.
  • The word "favor" shows up 8 times in this book.
  • If you listen to tattle-tales, it will only get you in trouble in the long run.
  • Who we listen to will make or break us. Are we listening to people who tell us the things we want to hear in the short term but will only lead to our destruction in the long term? Or are we listening to people who give instruction and correction that may be uncomfortable and unwelcomed advice in the moment but will lead to growth and maturity and sustainability in the long term.
  • We must use our influence to serve others and not to serve ourselves.
  • God is in control. Let's live like we really believe that.
  • God is the real hero of the story. Esther just decided to be obedient.


At 9:09 AM, Blogger Jen said...

Hi Ptr. Heather! just wanted to appreciate you for the book background as well as blogposts in fromgardentocity. Learning a lot from that site! God bless you and other NCC peeps!


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