Friday, September 03, 2010

Be a Triple Threat

I just got through reading Alan Danielson's Triple Threat Leadership. Again. It's worth the second read. In this e-book, Alan shares the essentials of game-changing leadership. If you can hold your nose and gag your way through his ridiculous obsession with the Dallas Cowboys, there really is some good material in here. (You know I love you, Alan. I just don't love all of your obsessions. Star Wars, okay. Dallas football, not okay)

In this quick, easy, and very practical read, Alan lays out leadership principles which clearly define his own engaging and visionary leadership style and can be incredibly helpful to leaders at all levels and in all arenas. He compares leadership to a 3-legged stool of vision, strategy, and relationships. All are necessary. But we don't have them all naturally. Each of us naturally leans in the direction of vision, strategy, relationships, or some combination of two of them.

While encouraging us to lean into our strengths and build on our natural tendencies, Alan also encourages us to become capable...not excellent...but capable in the other areas. I really appreciated that distinction. Just a few other things I appreciated:
  • Forest people, Tree people, and Squirrel people- you'll just have to read the book
  • Leadership style descriptions
  • The statement that "balance is an illusion and a circus trick"
  • Practical ideas for personal development
The book combines Alan's quirky personality with his extensive leadership experience. It includes an assessment to determine your unique leadership style and follow-up ideas for learning how to lean into, develop, and manage around the areas where you are less natural. I am a sucker for anything that has an assessment. And it's a great tool to use with your team.

Leaders are always growing, and this book provides a great workout.


At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Will Johnston said...

Let me guess:

Forest People: Vision
Tree People: Strategy
Squirrel People: Relationships

I might have mixed up tree & squirrel people :)


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