Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tooting Their Horn- Julius Hunter

LSU Campus. 1998. Destiny Campus Ministries.

Julius Hunter was one of the first people crazy enough to come to one of my small groups. While I recognized leadership potential in him pretty quickly, he told me very quickly that he would never, ever, under any circumstances or for any reason, lead a small group. Great leaders learn to ignore such statements and just smile and nod. I was not a great leader, but I was a desperate leader. So I likewise ignored him.

Today, he is on staff at one of the most high impact churches in the world leading young men and women into deeper relationships with Christ. Two years ago, a party was thrown to celebrate the milestone of leading 1,000 young men in small groups all over the Baton Rouge area.

Today, he leads the church's thriving intern program which invests in approximately 100 young men and women every year and cranks out the next generation of leaders. He leads 100 interns. I lead 7. Yesterday, I called him for guidance, mentoring, and training.

I'm super proud of him. He is a gifted communicator and leader, has a great sense of humor, and believes in people and encourages them. Watch him. Follow him.


At 7:11 PM, Blogger David Collier said...

Great post! You are an amazing leader because you do bring out the best in people.


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