Tuesday, October 17, 2006

FAQ: What is Journey?

Journey is the second step on our Discipleship Map. It is a a quick-stop outpost island that outfits and resources participants to move between Alpha and the four discipleship islands.

Journey is as an 8 week small group that introduces participants to the four dimensions of discipleship- seeker, learner, influencer, and investor. We spend two weeks on each topic, as follows:

Week 1- Seeker: Prayer
Week 2- Seeker: Sacraments
Week 3- Learner: Bible Reading and Bible Study
Week 4- Learner: Bible Meditation and Bible Memorization
Week 5- Influencer: Service and Evangelism
Week 6- Influencer: Community and Discipleship
Week 7- Investor: Financial Stewardship
Week 8- Investor: Spiritual Gifts and Ministry

We typically offer a staff-led version of this group during the fall and spring semesters. The group is best led within the context of a pre-existing small group, however, so we make the curriculum available to all of our small group leaders and encourage them to consider using it as the curriculum for their group for one semester.


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