Sunday, December 10, 2006

NCCers on Mission

After service last night, one of my small group leaders came up to tell me goodbye. She's going overseas to work undercover in missions work. Wow. Obviously, I'm really sad to see her go. But I think it's great when we lose leaders because they are taking Christ to the nations. And she told me that God really spoke to her about going to the mission field while she was at the Inward Bound Retreat last June. It's amazing what God is doing all the time in and through folks at NCC.

For whatever it's worth, we lose about 20% of our leaders every year, and most of them are moving across the country and across the globe to pursue God-ordained dreams and callings. We view our discipleship program as missions training, in a way, because we realize that people are typically only with us for a few years and then off chasing the Holy Spirit to someplace else.


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