Saturday, January 13, 2007

Book Review: Humility (C.J. Mahaney)

C. J. Mahaney’s Humility is a much-needed book for this generation of Christ-followers. I have a confession: Having recently read Andrew Murrary’s classic of the same title, I was not expecting much from this book. No offense to Mahaney, for whom I have great respect, but I just couldn’t imagine a book impacting me more on this topic than Murray’s. To my delight (and conviction), Mahaney delivered a fantastic work that puts flesh on the topic of humility and provides concrete, practical steps to becoming people of humility. Obviously, Mahaney’s book will be more accessible for this generation because his language is modern and his examples are fresh and referenced to contemporary culture.

The book begins with a discussion on the battle between pride and humility and then demonstrates how Christ re-defined what it meant to be great. The last part, which comprises the bulk of the book, gives readers practical ideas for increasing their dependence upon Christ and therefore increasing in humility: spiritual disciplines for the morning and evening, Bible study ideas, ways to encourage others, the importance of accountability, etc. There was even a chapter on raising children who understand and strive for the Biblical greatness found in humility.

As I read this book, I underlined a lot, jotted down many notes in the margin, implemented some of the principles, and discovered an idea for my next personal Bible study. I felt the chapter on practices for the end of the day would have been more developed if it included a more in-depth explanation of self-examination disciplines such as the Ignatian examen, and I disagree slightly with some of Mahaney’s doctrinal positions, but this is definitely a book worth reading and recommending.

This would make an excellent book for small groups to study.


At 2:28 AM, Blogger Kevin Stilley said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to check it out.


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