Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Upward Bound

We are gearing up for our Upward Bound retreat. We do Upward Bound every other fall, and it is a retreat that focuses on spiritual disciplines. Two years ago, the Tabernacle was the organizing metaphor for the retreat, and we set up prayer stations reflecting different components of the Tabernacle. We talked about prayer, Bible reading, communion, silence and solitude, and journaling. And we had a baptism service in the ocean.

This year, we are heading to the mountains instead. We are withdrawing to the wilderness for a weekend of spiritual experimentation. We want to create a laboratory environment where people can explore different spiritual disciplines from the familiar (like prayer) to the ancient (like the Ignatian Examen or Lectio Divina). It should be a great opportunity for everyone to get out of the craziness of DC and spend some time connecting with God.


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