Thursday, September 13, 2007


I witnessed a miracle this weekend. Ryan and I had the privilege of attending the wedding of some very good friends of ours- Garry and Melissa. Ryan and I developed a friendship with Melissa in the early days of NCC life. We met her at a small group and she quickly became one of our best friends. We met Garry several years later when he and Melissa began to date.

So what's so miraculous about this wedding? I guess you could argue that all weddings are a demonstration of the blessing of God and they certainly are miraculous in the sense that a marriage reflects the glory and image of God. But there was something especially miraculous about this particular wedding. Several years ago, before Garry and Melissa met, they were each sucked into the current identity and gender confusion that pervades our culture. They rejected their God-given identities and sought to re-create themselves outside of the guardrails of God's perfect plan for their lives. Plain speak-- both Garry and Melissa lived for a season within homosexual lifestyles. But God rescued them, restored them. and gave them to one another in a miraculous way.

I had a front-row seat to witness God's healing power in the life of Melissa as he restored her to the woman that he created her to be, and I am so thankful for the strong and amazing man of God that Garry has become and the way in which he has reflected the strength of God in their relationship. This weekend was a time of rejoicing to see God's healing work and the way he brings order and beauty out of our choices of chaos and confusion. Blessings to Garry and Melissa! Thanks for being models of grace and truth to the lives you have touched!


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