Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weekend Reflections

What a great weekend! It started with good friends at the Nats vs. Braves on Friday night, followed by a drenching rain that left us soaked from head to foot. Wow, I love baseball. I shared this weekend that my earliest dream was to become the first major league baseball player. There's still hope, right?

On Saturday, I headed out to Falling Waters, WV to speak at our Alpha Holy Spirit Getaway weekend. It happens every fall and spring semesters, and it's one of my favorite things to do. All of the participants in our Alpha course get off for an overnighter, and that's where we do our teaching on the Holy Spirit. I teach on What Does the Holy Spirit Do? and we explore themes of adoption, spiritual growth, fruit of the Spirit, spiritual gifts, and evangelism. I love being around people who are so honest in their spiritual journey and so hungry for truth.

Then, I whipped through the McDonald's drive-thru and zipped back to DC to speak at our weekend services. We are in a series exploring the themes of 1 and 2 Timothy called "Potential," and I talked about the role of endurance in realizing our potential, using Paul's examples of soldier, athlete, and farmer. I had fun talking about carrots. More on that later. :)

On Sunday morning, I was live at Union and Georgetown. LOVED speaking live at Georgetown. Such a great feel in that location. Props to Pastor Dave, Pastor David, and the rest of the leadership team there. Grabbed some Five Guys with some zone leaders and then ran out to the baseball field for a little kickball practice with my small group (we are going to kick another small group's butt next weekend!)

That night, I had a conversation with a friend that sealed the deal for moving forward with a production of Steel Magnolias here at NCC and Ebenezers. More on that later, as well.

Really great weekend!


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