Thursday, July 31, 2008

Newfoundland Day 3

Well, thank you to all you blog readers who voted "Aye" for kayaking for Regena. She was sufficiently encouraged and we took a sea kayaking adventure in Bay Bulls. We explored caves, saw white starfish, spotted a puffin, and returned to our hotel sore in places where we did not know muscles existed in our body. Here are some of the scenes.

Our fellow kayakers Mark and Michelle. They were a bit better than us. :)

Regena paddling in a cave.

Our amazing guide Steve from Devon, England. He's going to start his own business one day, so you should all support it. And if you ever go sea kayaking with The Outfitters, request Steve. He was awesome.

Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch and headed out again for Torbay, Pouch Cove, and Portugal Cove. Once again, in the rain and fog. Ugh.

Um, who do you think lives here? Look at the size of their lawn chair.

Have I mentioned that I love the bendy tripod thingy that Bekah recommended? (I think the technical name for it is Gorillapod). I was busy experimenting while Regena was collecting the famed smooth stones of Torbay Beach (Laura-- I did not monitor her rock acquisitions).

Did I mention the fog?

Tomorrow, we are going to make a second attempt to catch the sunrise at Cape Spear and then head south along the Irish Loop.


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Laura Mc said...

Wow, it's rough at Torbay. It wasn't like that the day we went. Hope you have been able to find my blueberry screech jam!


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