Saturday, August 09, 2008

Door or Distraction?

In my women in leadership group this summer, we talked a good bit about the difference between doors and distractions. When opportunities come your way, how do you discern if it's a Godly priority or a distraction from where God wants you to be focused? Not every opportunity, no matter how good it is, should be embraced. Saying "yes" to one thing always means saying "no" to something else.

As I head into the fall semester of groups, I'm doing some serious analysis of what I've said yes to, the consequences of that, and what things I should be saying yes to that I've neglected. I want to look at and pray every opportunity through the filter of Scripture, my family, and my gifts.

And if you've got any good advice on discerning between doors and distractions, I'm sure my fellow women in leadership would be grateful to hear it.


At 12:00 PM, Blogger Christina Regule said...

I've had it admonished to me and subsequently to others, "Your talents will always make a way for you, but what is the way that God wants?" This is a leadership coaching question that I always filter every opportunity through, when making a Proverb 16:9 decision--A man plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps.


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