Friday, August 01, 2008

Newfoundland Day 4

We were supposed to rise bright and early this morning for another attempt at catching the sunrise at Cape Spear, but we overslept. Dangit. As it turns out, it was another fogrise, so it's good we were able to catch a few more ZZZs.

After a couple failed attempts to leave the hotel and a seriously wrong turn that landed us in the exact opposite direction we wanted to be, we set out for a day on the Irish Loop.

First stop, Renews Bear Cove. We jumped out a took a few pictures of the coast.

Second stop, Ferryland, the site of Lord Baltimore's 1621 settlement called Avalon. There is a working archaeological dig that you can tour, so we did the tourist thing there for a while and loved it. Here's my favorite part:

It's a 17th century privy discovered along the old sea wall. Waste products were routed here, and twice a day, the tide would come in, fill it up, and wash it all out to sea. It was North America's first flushable toilet. And it was an environmentally sensitive low-flush toilet in that it was only flushed twice a day. Cool! Why am I blogging so much about this? Must be the engineer rearing its nerdy head.

We grabbed fish and cheaps at the Colony House, laughed at these benches, and headed back out on the Irish Loop for St. Vincent.

Along the way, we ran into Mr. Moose hitchhiking down the road.

At St. Vincent's, we watched a whale for about half an hour.

Okay, so National Geographic won't be offering me a job anytime soon, but at least it proves I saw it.


At 7:09 AM, Blogger Laura Mc said...

no fair!!! i didn't see any moose, puffins, nor whales where i went. :o(

At 10:10 PM, Blogger Heather Z said...

Don't worry, Laura. I'm sure Mom is bringing enough rocks back for you to have some. That's good, right? :) Also-- she found her vitamins-- they were right where you suspected they were. :)


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