Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hope Force International

We've got a fantastic opportunity coming up during our May Term at NCC-- Hope Force International will be providing training in disaster relief from a Christian Worldview. Imagine having a small group of volunteers at your church that are ready to be mobilized and dispatched during national disasters- hurricanes, tornadoes, 911 events- to provide not only for the physical needs but the spiritual and emotional needs, as well. Imagine your church bringing the hope of Christ to those in need. This is a great discipleship opportunity as well as a way we can put Matthew 25 into practice.

On a personal level, my favorite part of the training is the leadership and character development training provided by my friend and mentor, Dave Buehring.

The upcoming training intensives will include 2 ½ days of basic training for domestic service with Hope Force International and two days at a later date with The Salvation Army. Both training components are prerequisites and represent the comprehensive training required to be considered a Hope Force Reservist – eligible for rapid deployment (within 24-48 hours) into a disaster event. The training consists of live speakers, as well as teaching filmed exclusively for HFI.

Part I of the training will take place at Ebenezers Coffeehouse on May 14 – 16.
  • An overview of the grief and trauma cycle
  • How to be an appropriate caregiver, and self-care for the crisis responder
  • Identity in Christ – foundational for the Christian caregiver
  • Maintaining healthy and cohesive relationships in the midst of crisis
  • Core principles for effective ministry

The cost for is $175. All snacks, meals and materials included. You must register in advance to participate. For more information visit: or to register contact HFI at or (615) 371-1271 or Juliet Main at NCC.


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