Thursday, April 09, 2009

Jesus Wants the Rose

I was first introduced to Matt Chandler at the 2008 Catalyst Conference. And wow. I've been listening to him ever since. This is good stuff:


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

Miranda and I got to sit under Matt Chandler every week at Metro Bible Study during the time we were dating. It was an incredible time for us. He is an incredible instrument in God's hand!

Miranda actually went to High School with him for a little while when she was in Texas City. They didn't really know each other, but it was funny when he first started teaching at Metro. Miranda kept saying, "I know him from somewhere," but couldn't figure out where. One night he was telling a story about a High School experience and she realized where she knew him.

I'm glad you've discovered him. Keep up the good work and have an incredible experience with the resurrected Jesus this weekend!

At 5:20 PM, Blogger Jeremy Sexton said...

I freaking love Matt Chandler.

His talk from Catalyst perpetually sits on my phone to be viewed or heard.

There's traits from different speakers that I sort've covet, you know? I want Rob Bell's skill at illuminating the Text. I want Mark's ability to touch tougher topics with grace. I want Francis Chan's passion for God and people.

Every time I hear Matt Chandler, I just kinda feel like I wish I could just be him. haha :)

And wow can I relate to his frustration here.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger Thaddeus Seydel said...

Great stuff!!!

I discovered Matt Chandler and the Village Church last year and have been ruined repeatedly (in the best possible way) by the Holy Spirit through the teaching/preaching of that man.

I also enjoy Beau Hughes, the Denton Campus Pastor, he did a great study of Jonah that I would highly recommend. You can get it on the church website.

DEF: ruined: not able to proceed in the same fashion any longer, undone.

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Samantha said...

In my opinion, we need more pastors like Matt Chandler- gospel focused teaching/preaching.


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