Friday, March 27, 2009

Writing Quirks

I'm new to this writing thing, and's hard work. I'm realizing that it's really a discovery process right now-- figuring out my rhythm, finding my voice, acknowledging my quirks. Not that any of you care (with the possible exception of my mom), but here are some quirks:
  • I can only write for about a two-hour block at one time. Then I need to break.
  • I need to break before I finish a section or a thought so there is something I need to get back to after the break.
  • I'm much better at starting chapters than finishing them. So I've got 2-3 going at any given time.
  • It's best if I can totally change locations between two-hour blocks.
  • One of my best writing places is the National Air and Space Museum. I feel inspired there.
  • Every time I enter the Air and Space Museum, I have to touch the moon rock. I have to.
  • My best writing seems to happen at Jacob's Coffeehouse. I also like the National Gallery of Art and Barnes and Noble.
  • I like music in the background, typically instrumental only. Most of current writing is being done to the tunes of Iona, The Book of Kells.
  • I've been wanting to get my researchers card for the Library of Congress so I can write in the famous Reading Room...but I'm afraid that wouldn't work well as I would feel the need to write something profound and therefore just be paralyzed.
I'm sure there are tons more. Alright...back to it...


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