Friday, March 20, 2009

Stories and Statistics

My good friend, Dave Treat, who has been an innovative leader in the group life movement and a valuable mentor to me personally, just posted a great article about how we measure effectiveness in our small groups. Go check it out. This one has been plaguing me for years. We need both statistics and stories; they are both important. The Bible contains both. But what moves us-- stories or statistics? Unless you are one of the crazy minority, you are likely moved more by stories.

So what do we do? We excel at the statistical analysis because we know how to do that. How do we capture stories? If we are really serious about wanting to disciple people, then we need to become better story collectors and better story tellers. Maybe we need to stop talking and start asking questions.

By the way, if you are looking for someone who will do a great job with training your small group leaders, Dave is your man!


At 1:20 PM, Blogger Mike Sharrow said...

what measurements does NCCC use for individual groups as well as the macro group ministry?

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Mike Sharrow said...

For management purposes, we track the typical stuff (groups, active participation #s, attendance at leader development events, etc.).

For missional purposes, we track:

1. # of people who have never been to our campus who are connecting in a life group

2. # of people accepting Christ through life group members living out their faith (not through a corporate event/venue)

3. "G5 Improvement." We have an assessment tool around 5 gauges of "full devotion" and then track groups for their % movement on these 5 points every 6 months.

4. Stories of life change. Lots of extra points for these!

The G5 Improvement proves to really catalyze a number of derivatives: (a) some better-than-SWAG way to quantify +/- growth spiritually along the lines of our mission within groups; (b) teaching/coaching tool to use with leaders on a "so what" reaction to the semi-annual results; and (c) a diagnostic for the senior leadership team of our church to look at possible teaching or emphasis points in the coming months based upon corporate gaps/struggles.

What twists does NCC use?


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