Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's On Your Brain Ain't What's On My Brain

An old boss, who shall remain nameless, once said (multiple times), "What's on your brain ain't what's on my brain." I think I experience that with God a lot, as well.

Have you ever noticed that God sometimes overwhelms you with inspiration when you are seeking Him for it...only not about the specific thing you are seeking it about? Did that just make any sense?

I was walking home today after a couple hours of hanging out with God, seeking His presence and anointing for something I needed today. On the walk home, I had to stop at a local park to scratch down some notes about something completely random...He seemed to be spilling out vision and direction about something that is months away. Why is that? Just a reminder that His timing is not always our timing, I guess?

It seems that God is faithful to speak to His kids...even when it's not on the topic we want Him to be on.


At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Jenny Miller said...

I think sometimes God's timing and inspiration are so random....that way we know it's God and not from ourselves.

Sometimes I write things and even I say, I'm like, "THAT SO DID NOT JUST COME FROM ME." I think God uses people who just don't have "it" so He can be glorified.

(Not saying you don't have it...LOL!!! But I know I don't!)

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Jana said...



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