Friday, February 27, 2009

Home Again

All 13 DC-based members of the NCC Team Northern Ireland landed safely back in DC early this evening. The 14th member, London-based Bekah Kitterman, was shipped off to Belfast to meet up with her hubby for the remainder of the weekend.

I've got a lot of processing to do. And praying that my voice returns to full strength soon. Hope to blog more in the next few days!


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Will Johnston said...

Welcome Back!

At 3:13 AM, Anonymous Isabelle McCourt said...

Hi Heather,

Never got to see you before you left so here it is... au revoir!! "until we see you again"! It was gr8 to have all of you guys over with us! May you be blessed as you have blessed us! and may you get over jet lag quick and find your singing voice again!!
Lots of love
Isabelle McCourt, Cornerstone, Derry

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Heather Z said...

Isabelle- thank you so much for the opportunity to hang out with the girls of Cornerstone! our team had such a great time. We appreciate your warm reception and hospitality. Praying for you and Andrew during your transition, and hope that our next trip to Northern Ireland will include a few days in Belfast!


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