Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Under the Wesley Influence

I just got home from speaking at Wesley Theological Seminary, where I was asked to participate in their CUES Theological Diversity Series. It was really cool walking around the chapel before the service started. The first picture I encountered was of...who else...John Wesley.

Wesley has always been a hero of mine because he built a movement based on the power of relationship. From his class meetings to the coaching of younger preachers, Wesley recognized that his influence and legacy was dependent not only to his gifts and skills but also on the gifts and the skills of those he discipled. Even today, you can visit the chapel that he built at Bristol in which he installed a glass window above the sanctuary from which he could watch his young emerging ministers preach. Afterwards, he would meet with each of them and evaluate their progress.

As I encountered the picture tonight, I felt in some strange way like he might be peering down from the cloud of witnesses to evaluate, and I shuddered to think how he might feel about the teaching I would be giving to his spiritual descendants.


At 10:00 PM, Blogger Nate said...

Yeah right, you're an awesome teacher! If anything, I bet John Wesley would be proud!

And speaking of Wesley, your breakout session at the Leadership Retreat has inspired me to do "5 Questions" with the guys in Beta (for non-NCCers, Beta is the name of a Bible study). After we meet together corporately for the main study, we break out into guy and girl accountability groups. I want every guy to come up with 5 questions that he needs to be asked on a weekly basis. And the only rule is that the questions need to be positive (for instance: "exercise more" as opposed to "eat less").

My five questions are:
1) Am I going to bed on time and waking up on time? (Totally stolen from Wesley)
2) Am I brushing my teeth and flossing every night before I go to bed? (If I'm flossing before I go to bed, then life is good!)
3) Am I having morning and evening devotions? (My Utmost for His Highest, Morning and Evening by Spurgeon, and a Bible in a year track)
4) Am I journaling daily?
5) Are my checkbooks balanced and my bills paid?

Thanks for leading that breakout session heather, it was great and I really think God is going to use it in my small group!


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