Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Summer Experiment: The What

Our missions initiative at NCC is called A18- based on Acts 1:8- and launched this year with a dream of 10 missions trips with 10% of NCCers going. Check out aoneeight.org. Our missions initiatives have built mud huts, trained leaders, worked with orphans, provided medical services, and brought hope to many. We want to harness that passion and "bring it home" to our Jerusalem-- the neighborhoods of Washington, DC.

This summer, all of our small groups will become A18-based groups. Right now, we are calling it Project A18: Neighborhoods.

For six weeks in June and July, all of our small groups will be based on a “neighborhood” and use a sermon-based curriculum that will equip us to bless the neighborhoods of the Washington, DC metro area.

Each group leader will identify their “neighborhood”:
  • Geographical Neighborhood (where you physically live, i.e., NE DC, Capitol Hill, Ballston, Kingstowne, Falls Church, etc.)
  • Marketplace Neighborhood (where you work, i.e., Old Executive Office Building, etc.)
  • Interest Neighborhood (where you play- i.e., artists, athletes, cooks, book club, etc.)
NCCers will choose a group based on the neighborhood they want to be a part of. The goal of the experiment is to learn about sharing our faith in practical ways, to understand what it means to love our neighbor, to discover how God wants to use us to love our neighbors, and to bless our neighbors in a practical way. Each group will grow in depth as they study the Bible together and grow in influence as they reach out to share with others what they are learning.


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