Monday, February 09, 2009


We are kicking off FOUR Alpha courses around the DC area tonight- Ebenezers Coffeehouse, Rosslyn, Pentagon City, and Kingstowne. I'm so thankful for our amazing team, headed up by Juliet Main. Our Administrators are awesome- thank Geoff, Hyla, Nate, and Darren!

Alpha is the only thing we do in the NCC discipleship world that I've felt comfortable prescribing to every church I've consulted with. Semester system? Depends on your culture. Free market system? Depends on your goal for groups. Coaching structure? Depends on your leadership. Promotional materials? Depends on your budget. But Alpha...I have yet to find a reason why Alpha would not work in any church.

It's a 10-week introduction to the basics of the Christian faith. While it's geared towards seekers or new believers, we encourage every NCCer to participate. It's a great way to find community, and a lot of NCCers have found their niche through Alpha. Most of our baptism candidates are Alpha grads. It's also a great launching pad for leaders.

I can't wait to hear about our other three launches tomorrow morning.


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