Friday, March 20, 2009

Raw Prayer

Sometimes I think we stifle our own growth because we just aren't honest with God. We know we shouldn't feel angry towards people so we act like we aren't. So instead of coming to God with honesty and authenticity, we come to God with the "proper prayers" that a good Christian person should pray. Like we can fake Him out or something.

Compare that with David. That guy didn't hold back. Check this out:
"Arise, O Lord! Rescue me, my God! Slap all my enemies in the face! Shatter the teeth of the wicked!"

That's raw. And it's real.

(** And for whatever it's worth, I'm not angry at anyone right now...I just read it and thought it was funny. Or maybe I'm just writing what a good Christian is expected to write on their blog. Who knows?)


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