Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DC Books to Prisoners

I got the chance to learn about a great service opportunity in my city- DC Books to Prisoners. In the basement of Foundry United Methodist Church in Dupont Circle, volunteers read letters from prisoners requesting books and other materials, select donated books off the shelves, write a note of encouragement, and pack up the books to be sent back to the prison. My A18 Neighborhood Group joined them tonight for some book packing fun. Thanks to Molly Gill for the idea and for organizing.

It was so cool to read the letters from the guys, and it was super exciting to be able to find a book they specifically requested or one that was a perfect fit based on their interests. I said a little prayer with each book I packed and letter I sent.

Volunteers and groups are needed every Wednesday night to respond to requests. It was a lot of fun, so consider it as a small group outreach option!


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