Friday, September 25, 2009

Thoughts from Connect

I loved hanging out at the Connect Conference in Shreveport this week. Here are a few take-aways that really stuck with me. I'm not directly quoting anyone as I was not taking notes that closely, but this is the general gist.

Behave, believe, belong used to be the pathway we embraced for ministry. We've got to reverse and re-think. It's got to be belong, believe, and become. (Jim Johnston)

A servant uses their hands. A craftsman uses their head and hands. An artist uses their hands, head, and heart. We must be artists in our ministries. (Tim Miller)

Color inside the lines, but think outside the box. In other words, follow well and lead in a way that honors and respects the context you are in. But think creatively about new ways to do ministry. (Tim Miller)

Four markers for young adult ministry- Community, Connection (to older generations), Depth, and Responsibility (Jason Hayes and Jim Johnston)

The issues that the emerging generations care about are also the things that are on the heart of God (Jason Hayes)

"I've got fried dill pickles!" (Pastor Jeff Jones) :)


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