Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sacred Roads: Denver

I'm so thankful for the body of Christ. Ryan and I are slowly and steadily making our way cross-country from Oregon to DC, but we have been stopped a number of times by the snow storms in DC.

Last night, we discovered we would be delayed in Denver. And perhaps for a while. The result? We've been on the receiving end of incredible hospitality and been blessed with re-connection with some great people.

First things first, call my childhood best buddy pal Jayne Fisher to see if we could grab dinner. Result- we were offered a place to stay. Great to reconnect with Jayne and another friend from Mobile- Amanda Alardo Clark- who I hadn't seen since she crashed at my place in DC ten years ago.

Then, we hung out with former NCC leader turned seminary student Jana Hoisington for lunch. Next- coffee with church planter extraordinaire Stephen Redden. Later- dinner with former NCC leader turned AERDO Director Chad Hayward. Final stop- back "home" with Amanda and Jayne.

Because of all these amazing people (and the connections provided through Facebook and Twitter!), an otherwise annoying delay has turned into a sacred road for us. One in which we find hospitality, encouragement, and communion of saints.


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