Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Circle of Proteges

The circle of life brings us to the end of one Protege year and the beginning of another. We started the Protege Program at National Community Church a couple years ago to bring greater intentionality to our intern programming and opportunities. Basically, we bring on 5-6 people each year to serve on our team without pay. And when I say serve, I mean serve. Sometimes back-breaking, sometimes energizing, sometimes mind-numbing, sometimes mind-blowing. You can check out some of what our last class did here.

At the last meeting with the 2009-2010 class, I shared the following thoughts:
  • Lead yourself well
  • Follow well
  • Your friends will determine the quality and direction of your life
  • Leadership can be lonely
  • When embarking on a new adventure, always ask who needs to be on the boat with you
  • Never stop learning
  • We have to make disciples, not find them
  • God's glory is the only valid and sustainable motivation for ministry
  • Pass on what you have learned to someone else
  • Let God be as unique with you as He was with others
I'll flesh these out later... now... it's time to prepare for Protege Class 2010-2011. So excited!


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