Friday, January 14, 2011

X-Ray Vision

Leaders need X-Ray Vision. They need the ability to see gifts, abilities, and passions in people that they don't see themselves. The theological term for this would be discernment.

When Samuel looked at David, he didn't see a shepherd boy but the greatest king to rule Israel.

When Jesus looked at Peter, he didn't see a loud-mouthed fisherman but the rock on which he would build his church.

When Barnabas looked at Saul, he didn't see a murderer but an apostle of the Gospel.

And when Paul say Timothy, he didn't see a young punk kid but a young pastor with great potential to spread the Gospel to his culture and generation.

Your job as a leader is to believe in someone. Think of one person you are leading right now. What do you see in them that they don't see? Now, go tell them.


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