Wednesday, February 28, 2007

FAQ: What is a Win Sheet?

One way we try to facilitate communication between small groups leaders, team and zone leaders, and the staff is through the weekly win sheet. The win sheets also make us intentional about the "For One" part of our vision-- doing everything for the glory of God. After each group meeting, we ask small group leaders to submit a "win sheet" for their meeting that includes the following:
  • Names of potential leaders
  • Group Attendance
  • Wins for the week (These can be as silly as good snacks to more important things like answered prayers. Basically, it's anything that demonstrates the group is connecting with God and to others and that people are growing as seekers, learners, influencers, and investors).
  • Name of anyone who has left the group in the past month (this helps us determine if people are plugging into another group or just slipping through the cracks)
  • Any special prayer requests that the staff should know about

So why do we do these? Two reasons: Communication and Praise. In Acts 21:19-20a, we read, “Paul greeted them and reported in detail what God had done among the Gentiles through his ministry. When they heard this, they praised God.”

That’s the primary reason for completing win sheets—to remind ourselves of why we do what we do and to give God praise for what he is doing. Here are some other reasons why we do win sheets:

  • As our church grows, we need to have some systems in place to ensure that our small group runs smoothly and leaders get the pastoral care and attention that they and their groups need. Win sheets facilitates that process.
  • Completing win sheets after each meeting help leaders think more critically, intentionally, and strategically about their groups.
  • Focusing on wins each week creates momentum.
  • Win sheets help the pastoral team help the leaders. They let us know immediately about issues in groups that may require our attention, prayer, or assistance.
  • Win sheets help the church leadership know how to pray for and encourage leaders.
D0 we get 100% return each week? No. But in general, there does seem to be a correlation between healthy groups and those who complete and submit win sheets.

You can find a copy of the Win Sheet here in our Tools and Resources section of


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