Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Reflections

My reflections on this weekend have nothing to do with church services, leadership summits, or potential leader meetings. It's been a very busy first quarter, so Ryan and I decided to take a weekend off and went to NYC to recharge our batteries. It was a weekend filled with chocolate, caffeine, orange slices (the candy), pizza, pie, soundtracks blaring from our pathetic car CD player, Broadway, and more pie. We also had a near death experience on the NJ Turnpike which was pretty interesting.

Disclaimer: There's absolutely nothing related to discipleship in this post. Here's the rundown on what we saw.

Company- Wow. Wow. I've seen Raul Esparza twice-- Sunday in the Park With George at the Kennedy Center and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Broadway. He was great in Sunday but not so great in Chitty. Company was fantastic. Barbara Walsh, Angel Desai, and Heather Laws ("I'm Not Getting Married Today") were also great.

Inherit the Wind- Plummer. Dennehy. O'Hare. This was amazing. Not as impressive as Dennehy's Salesman, but still really good. We were in the nose-bleeds, but it was still powerful. Loved the bluegrass band.

The Pirate Queen- Tee Hee. We went to see this one partially because, after a weekend of pathetic relationships (on stage, not my own) and Scopes Monkey Trials, I was ready to be entertained. I wanted smoke, spectacle, lights, lasers, sets, and the full comercialization of Broadway. I got it. And that's about all I got out of this one. Kacey liked the dance. Ryan liked the music and vocals. I just kept thinking that Forbidden Broadway is going to have a field day with it. Stephanie Block was great.


At 10:37 PM, Blogger Regena Sawyer said...

Do I need specifics on the "near death experience" on the Jersey Turnpike, or is this something I should thankfully forget?

At 11:31 AM, Blogger Heather Z said...

You can just thankfully forget. :) We survived. Or I can give you the exciting play-by-play next phone conversation.


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