Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Love Margaret Feinberg

Margaret Feinberg is coming to DC in a few weeks for the Fusion conference, and somehow we managed to convince her to come in early to speak at our weekend services at NCC. Today, we've posted an excerpt from her book The Organic God on www.zonegathering.com.

Go read it here.

As always, her writing touches past the surface and stabs right at the gut of my life. I appreciate Margaret for so many reasons-- I admire her wit, her honesty, and her zeal for life. She's all about encouraging people to become all that God created them to be, and that inspires me to keep doing what I do. She's also prodded me and pushed me to chase some lions.

If you are in the DC area April 28-29, come here her at National Community Church. If you are around May 4-5, go to the Fusion Conference!


At 9:19 AM, Blogger Laura Mc said...

Oh fun! Wish I were going to be there.


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