Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I had a strong sense of history and destiny as I was preparing for our team leader training yesterday. That nostalgic feeling doesn't hit us often because our church is only a little over ten years old. But as I thought back over the trajectory of our groups, I realized how far God has brought us and I noticed a cycle. NCC seems to run on roughly a 2-year cycle; two years is about the average life-span of an NCCer. (More on that here).

Anyway, here are some milestones:

1998- The first NCC group multiplied.
2000- Several NCC groups multiplied. First major expansion of groups into Northern Virginia.
2002- First annual leadership retreat. First zone leaders established.
2004- Small group structures formalized- move to semester system and move to free market model of discipleship.
2006- Introduced the NCC Discipleship Map to provide our framework for making disciples.
2008- I'm sensing a multiplication of leaders and and expansion of groups. I want to work on getting our structure in place so that growth can happen. The body cannot grow unless the skeleton grows. We need to grow our skeleton.


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