Thursday, September 27, 2007

4:00am Thoughts

I don't usually sleep well on the road, so I was in and out of sleep this morning. At 4am, I had the thought: Information without relationship is not Biblical discipleship. It seemed so profound at 4am. Now it just seems like...uh, yeah.

But...I do fear that we sometimes try to shove information down peoples' throats thinking, "If this sticks, they'll grow." However, a relationship must exist in order to nurture that spiritual growth. It's forcing me to think through how we do our core discipleship groups in a more relational way. They already operate through our small group community, but some of them are more "academic." Alpha and Crown have always been very relational. Journey is very relational. I'm not sure Theology 101 was very relational.


At 10:01 AM, Blogger nathan. said...

I really like this, despite how clouded your head may have been in the morning.

Hopefully my theology isn't too out of whack on this. I think Jesus is a model for what you're talking about (big surprise).

Jesus did not disciple the thousands. He did not disciple in the synagogue. He taught. But he did disciple the disciples (novel idea I know), those he had relationship with. And those were the men that carried out His mission when he was gone.

I agree, discipleship without relationship is, at best, teaching.


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