Thursday, September 20, 2007

Repair and Remodeling is our online community for small group leaders at NCC. It's a blog format that we utilize for ongoing training, spiritual development, Biblical teaching, news and announcements, and community development. On Thursdays, we run an series of articles called Thursday Leadership Lesson that are designed to help our leaders grow and develop their leadership gifts. Each semester has a different theme, and we just kicked off a new series called Repair and Remodeling that will focus on how to make repairs and changes in your groups. Some of the topics will include the following:
  • Developing the Heart of a Shepherd
  • Evaluating Your Leadership and Your Group
  • Repair: Navigating Problems in Groups
  • Repair: Providing Care in Groups
  • Repair: The River/Healing
  • Repair: Resources and Support for Leaders
  • Remodeling: Leading Change
  • Remodeling: Blowing Up Your Group
  • Remodeling: Starting Over
  • Remodeling: Stepping Down
You can check out today's post here. Mixing metaphors a bit, but to bring healing, restoration, and change to the lives of people, we must have the heart of a shepherd.


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