Saturday, November 03, 2007

Repair and Remodeling

We are about to have our last Leadership Summit of 2007. Where did the year go? Each semester, we gather our leaders for a time of connection, worship, vision, and training. It's also a time to celebrate "wins" and to take care of any church business that requires a vote from our leadership. All year, we've been talking about this idea that when it comes to creating community, making disciples, and doing ministry, there's always some assembly required.

Today, we are going to talk about repair and remodeling-- at some point, no matter how solid the foundation and good the construction, every structure requires a little repair and remodeling.

I'm struggling with our Leadership Summits a bit, and I think we will do some revising for 2008. They just seem a little boring and stale, and I'm not sure our leaders enjoy coming. We absolutely need these gatherings each semester, but we may need to do a little repair and remodeling ourselves.


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