Saturday, November 03, 2007

Southern Family

Alright, is this a Southern family or what? Check out all the shirts. My mom is wearing a shirt with lots of historically informative information on the Battle of Bull Run (which she evidently bought at a Yankee shop because we call it "Manassas" down South). My Dad is wearing a polo from the Louisiana Oyster lobby. And my brother-in-law Casey is wearing an Alabama Roll Tide shirt.

Somehow, I doubt little Ruthie is wearing the pink pinstripe Yankees onesie that Jill sent to her.'s 4 generations of my family. My GranBerry. Mom and Dad. Sister Laura and Casey. And little Ruthie. I can't wait to get to Nashville next week to see her!


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Laura Mc said...

well, you can't see it but little Ruthie is wrapped in her "daddy's little hockey fan" snoopy blankie. I guess that's not very southern. :o)


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