Saturday, December 22, 2007

Night at the Movies

It had been planned for a couple weeks- we were going to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets on Friday night after work. Armed with a ridiculously large bucket of popcorn and a bladder-busting sized coke, we nestled down into the comfy seats and enjoyed a couple hours of conspiracy theory and American history. It was great.

As we exited the theater (and no, they don't tell you what was on page 47, even if you wait until the end of the credits), we noticed that Sweeney Todd was also playing. What? We didn't think that opened until Christmas day. So we walked across the street, grabbed some dinner (since we were starving after only eating a pound of popcorn), and came back to see the serial killing madness of Johnny Depp's demon barber of Fleet Street. How festive.

They cut some songs, shortened the plot, and darkened it up. But I really liked it. I don't think Ryan was as impressed. I missed the Greek chorus- style "Ballad of Sweeney Todd," though the music does weave its way through the undercurrents of the movie. I thought "By the Sea" was hilarious. And I actually really liked Johnny Depp's voice.

If you're into Sondheim, go see it. But be warned, it's bloody. And not nearly as funny as George Hearn and Angela Lansbury.


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